Nominate your favorite cultural project, organization, initiative or individual maker for the Eindhoven Culture Prize.

Cultuur Eindhoven awards the Eindhoven Culture Prize once per year to organizations, initiatives or individual makers for their achievements in the city. You can nominate your favourite in one of two categories: Incentive prize or Appreciation prize. The Appreciation prize is awarded to a maker or organization with a proven track record. Would you like to nominate such a party? Then select them for the Appreciation prize. Has the party you want to nominate existed for less than five years, yet they’re especially promising for the cultural scene in Eindhoven? Then nominate this party for the Incentive prize.

Would you like to nominate an organization, initiative or maker? Please do so using the form below. PLEASE NOTE! You need to fill in a motivation (text and/or images) otherwise your nomination will be invalid. The council for culture will review the motivation behind the nominations during their selection of the nominees.

You have until Sunday, June 11th 2022 to nominate your favourite. The shortlist of nominees will be announced in August.